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5th April 2019 – Version 8.0 Released

It’s taken a while but we’ve had our heads down and have been working hard and here, at last, is Version 8.0. So what’s new? Well the list is long, very long, but some of the key improvements are: A…

13th July 2016 – Version 7.4 Released

Version 7.4 Released Major changes to user access rights, increasing granularity available to system administrators and allowing changes to access rights to cascade upward through security groups. Enhancements to Report Builder to allow documents within an attachment to be re-ordered….

18th April 2016 – New Reporting Functions

18th April 2016 – v7.3.085 released New reporting functions for added to the Geotechnical module, including data entry and reporting for Plate Bearing Testing and CBR Testing. Enhanced connectivity with LIMS system, with users able to view chromatograms for relevant…

20th March 2016 – Improvements to Proposal Screens

20th March 2016 – v7.3.056 released Code improvements to proposal screen.

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