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About PrismERP

We know that is a pretty big claim but we think we can justify it. We started developing our software back in 2003. Fed up with maintaining separate software, databases and spreadsheets for marketing, accounts, projects etc we decided to create a single software solution that would integrate our contact management, accounts, business development and project management. With time, we surpassed our goal and our software now includes all of the following:

HR administration
Company administration
Meeting management
Fully integrated email server and client
Fully integrated VoIP telephone PBX and client, including video and conference calling
Intranet SMS system
Full bookkeeping capability
PAYE/VAT/CIS/Student loan etc
Full management accounting and end of year reporting
Project Planning
Time and resource scheduling
Budget management
Gantt Charts

Project Management
Data management
Document management
Integrated DOC, DWG and PDF viewer/editor
Report builder
Comprehensive LIMS system
AGS 4 compliant data exchange
Health and Safety
RA/MS generation and management
Accident and near miss reporting
ISO9000/14000/17025/18000 QA/QC audit management
Android client including full access to email, project data, address book etc.
PrismERP is currently not available for iOS


PrismERP can be installed either as a hosted service (on our servers, accessed via the Cloud) or as a self-hosted service (on your servers). We designed PrismERP from the get go to allow clients to customise it to suit their own needs. Why not contact us to find out more? You can contact us here


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